Mar 6, 2010

Celcom SOX (School of X)

"Bad experience with Celcom."

I  bought a new number for my phone of Celcom SOX plan last 4 months.
I was interested in their promotion when it comes to "no ecredit expire till u're 18"
And i was really happy since I have never run out of credit in my phone. 
But what confusing me now is "which one is SOX and which one is UOX" ?
I feel like an idiot when I ask for UOX plan but they (Celcom People) give me the SOX plan.
I thought that they want to cheat me or bully me but finally I realize that it was a mistake made by Celcom. (hmmm is it?? )It actually UOX plan inside the SOX plan box.
But another problem happened! why my Celcom SOX plan suddenly become Xpax Plan?? And I immediately visit to the Celcom Branch asking for an explanation.

Once again i need to register my number. And wait untill 2 weeks no reply message from them.        
And finally after 2 times call for help and send emails to Celcom, I finally give up. My SOX plan has been changed into Xpax plan. And I just let it be for a while.
But the reason why I love using Celcom rather than others is that it is much cheaper than Maxis and DiGi that I has been use before. And I will never switch my phone number into others plan anymore.And I also like how Celcom treat their customers. FInally after one month, I suddenly  received a calling from Celcom Branch to explain my problem and my difficulties.

And just after the calling, or maybe a day after that I received a message that notified me that my plan has been changed into Celcom SOX  plan.
And I was very happy. Because I can save my budget using Celcom SOX plan.
SOX or UOX?? I still confused but whatever it is I didn't care as long as I get what I want.
Because I'm not interested in sms-ing, gaming and chatting on phone. I  use my phone just to call my parent . (Happy Ending)