Feb 27, 2010

USD 2,000 In 3 Years? Or 3 Months?

Today's entry is all about me, myself. I am 18 this year. And I willing to further my study soon. But in the other hand, I need to accomplish my imagination to build a castle in the air. LoL XD just kidding.
This year will be my starting year to bacome a fully teenager and student. There's no play games again LoL. What I am thinking now is all about money, money and more money since I am going to study far away from my parent's eyes and without my parents besides me cheer me up and give me money LoL. Bravo! I am going to move from this my parent house a.k.a (empty house) to meets my new friends outside.

But should a student like can earn 2k in just 3 years? or 3 months?
That is what I'm worried about since my IM partner challenge me who will going to win this contest. I know Before he start to challenge me everything is in my head that I will lose because I just start blogging last year, and start  earn money (A Bit) through my blog after I have seen my friend's blog and his IM.

But for me, blogging is my hobby and I'm not blogging just because of money. But sometime I'm happy when money come in my account just because I'm blogging wether it is not in a large amount through "Google Adsense", "Affiliate" and "e-book."

But finally when I think it back again, it's ok if i lose. Who will going to win will not important for me. Because money is not everything for me. 2k in 3 years in IM maybe I can show that I can do it but not in 3 months!

Anybody dare to give me your opinion? anybody offer me an IM better than what I have now?