Feb 13, 2010

Self Computer Repair

I still remember when I was 13 when I am not addicted enough to the internet! Just because I'm too obsessed with Gaming whole day on my computer. I still remember when my computer was spoil just after I'm back from badminton training when I want to use it to do my businesses (Gaming)
I was really really sad during that night..
I have no money to repair it nor to repair it by myself.

I wait for 3 weeks to earn some money and from my saving that supposed to use to by my new handphone.
For the sake of my beloved computer, I willing to spend RM40-50 to repair my computer.

And until now..when I count it back, almost RM500 I have been use to repair my computer! including to format my harddisk, change my motherboard, RAM and other accessories on it.

Even RM 0.10 for me it is also money.
And from now onwards I realize that I want to learn how to repair my computer by my own style and modified it.

And to do that, I need to spend once to buy ebook (The Cheapest One) and work on it whole the night!
Even I do not know anything about it when I 1st read it! And only now I know what is mean by "RAM" "Format", "ntldr" "crack" "windir" ,"motherboard" "Graphic Card" and many more computer language that really annoying me.

There's now many ebook about this topic is now available on the internet!
But here is some from me to promote to you guys.
There's nothing free in this world right?
So why dont we buy once in our life for it?

I know that Malaysian always wanted to own everything for FREE! And that is why our Malaysian is really hard to be good learner and listener even for the IM program.
Some IM programme  (name not mention) is really hard to approve an application from our Malaysian.
And I was the one who being always rejected by these IM programme. And I still searching why?

But now.. I do not need to waste my money to that such thing anymore!
It is all in my hand!

Repair your computer just in a minutes!
No need to spend money to repair your computer again..
With DIY Computer Repair.

 "Why Need To Pay Too Much On Your PC When There's An Easy Way To Learn It? "

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