Feb 11, 2010

Police Cars Collections

Dubai Police Using BMW 5S!!
Iran Woman Police With Rifle Using Merc!
Indonesia Police Using Mazda
Indonesia Police Using Proton Persona.
Royal Brunei Police With Super Powerfull Mitsubishi!!
Singapore Police

Singapore Police Subaru Impreza

The Last of
The Proud of Royal Malaysian Police

Using National Car of Malaysia Proton Waja
With Evo X
But it is better if Royal Malaysia Police use our own National Cars..
urmmm..but this Evo X is too expensive...
If so..hope next would be
Nissan Fairlady Z

Proud To Be Malaysian...


  1. haha :D I think it is better if we use Ferrari. :p

  2. ferrari too cheap u know..haha XD they only 1 2 show off that they also can use expensive car also mah...but for me its too stupid u know..we can still use national car, save budget, then the remaining can deliver to whole Malaysian as bonus or CNY & Hari Raya "Duit Poket" i think better like that. XD if so.. urmm better use F1

  3. actually its a long term colaboration between malaysia gov and mitsubishi. gov are not buying those cars like we would pay 1st hand (rm300k++)

    in near future, mitsubishi will open their factory in malaysia like Honda.

    maybe then we can buy evo x at lower price too.