Feb 26, 2010

An Offer From PTPL College For Last Year SPM 2009 Candidates.

Yesterday I have received an offer from PTPL College to further my study in PTPL College Sarawak. For one of these option program :
1. Diploma In Management
2. Diploma In Accounting
3. Diploma In Culinary Art
4. Diploma In Graphic Design
5. Diploma In Retail Management
6. Diploma In Business Computing
7. Diploma In Information And Technology
8. Diploma In Hospitality Management-Tourism
9. Diploma In Electrical & Electronic Engineering
10.Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology.

After finished my study in Diploma, they (PTPL) ensure me that I will going automatically selected into MSU (Management & Science University) to further my study in Degree.
I still blur wether I will going to accept this offer or not,or waiting for IPTA offer. And I am waiting for Polytechnic Application that will start tomorrow ( I think Lah) for Sarawak, in "Borneo Post". But  the Registeration for this offer (PTPL) is on 15-20 Mac 2010.
But for the one who interest in this offer, but did'nt get an offer from PTPL, you can apply online now.
Click The link below: