Feb 5, 2010

MyPornBlocker..Protect your family..and your children!


This is not an adult content blog or website!

It is usually when children addicted to online games, social network such as facebook and myspace.
And honestly, I was one of them. But it it worsen when your children was addicted to an adult content website that easily can get in the internet! As easy as ABC!
For me, maybe it is usually but it is also a bad thing when there's no survey by parents or to prevent this from happen or become worsen!

But now, it is much easy as 123 too to control all this.
Here it is!
Now you can protect your family and your children from internet porn !
With MyPornBlocker, you can control all your children activities when online.

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  1. Yeah! It is better safe than never right. Children these days are too vulnerable to porn. Haih.... :(