Feb 8, 2010

In A Life of A Student Blogger.

 Today I'm going to go to "Bank Negara Malaysia"  BSN to get my UPU pin no to further my study.
Yeah, today I have to apply many things..since i am free and just waiting for my SPM result next month.
As a student, I have to choose, whether to further my study at overseas or not. Once it always play in my mind, but now I am cleared that, I need to stay here, not to go anywhere that far far away from here to study even in peninsular Malaysia. Because it is too early for me to go abroad, moreover I need more money too!

And since I have addicted to become a blogger, I really cannot far away from my computer now! haiz..since I have been introduce to blogging and IM world by my "otai" and mentor IM  like "Lebanon" and his Team Flare biz" through email and free ebook last year, I feel I have been addicted to blogging and IM world, even I'm not fulltime blogger and IM, only a small newbie blogger and IM. But I know, until one day, I will leave this land, and this IM, is just for me to gain experience, not to become a millionaire, seriously.

For the people who blogging, just because to become a millionaire, just forget it! Because if you blogging just want to get $$$$, just forget it.

Blogging, come through your interest. Once you interest in blogging and IM, and you really now how to blogging include tips and tricks, then you can go to become a reall blogger and big IM that can earn 10k in a month! not like me! but I'm not willing to be a millionaire...
Because I'm blogging because I love blogging.
Not because of money.

In my opinion..
If you blogging just because of money, I think you should  better stop it or it will take a hundred years for you to become a millionaire!

To become a millionaire, it needs blogging tips and tricks, to become a blogger, and need interest in blogging! that two things we must master it.

But blogging, is gonna be my hobby and part time job in future.

Back to the topic,
For the student out there which will taking SPM result this year, the application for IPTA has been launched and open now! please visit upu.mohe.gov.my to apply now.

And one more, the application for graduated SPM to Polytechnic is also has been launched and open now. Please visit politeknik.edu.my for more information.

And those who are new in blogging..new student blogger like me well done! keep it up!
Blogging is great!! And those who do not have blog or website, why not you try to have onefor free? Not to become a millionaire, but it is for a beginning for you..

Ok guys..that's all for today,

Ooops, one thing I forget,.. I need to update my BSN account! LoLz there's no money inside.
Since in form 3!

Need to transfer all in my BSN into MayBank2u later on and close this account today.
Goodbye BSN.. you no longer my friend..but you gonna be in my memories when I first have a bank account! You're the first! but the old school things.. need to change it to the new one. Am I right?
Somebody willing to donate me?? LoL XD just kidding..


  1. Hopefully you'll made up your mind about furthering your studies soon bro. :D

  2. I hope so.but Im will still blogging..