Feb 2, 2010

Google Adsense...Nuff Ads...How Could You..

It has been 5 times i register and apply to run Google Adsense on my blog page but it also 5 time i failed!! Just because of  "Unsupported Content"
They unable to approve me...and I do not know why.

I do not know what's wrong with my content..
5 time trial and finally.. i give up..

Same goes to my Nuffnang ads!! why there's no more ads appear on my blog??
Guyz..lets take a look at my nuff ads.. there's no ads right? no campaign ads..
And i wonder why all thid happen??
Urghhhh....i need the answer...

My head now..full with question marks!!

Guyz..My Gengblogger... for the one who really know what problem and experience the same problem with me.. hope you will share it to me..how to fix it and why all this happen??

Google Adsense..Nuff ads..you make me not sleep..all the night thinking of you...but i really love my blog..love my Nuff ads, love Google Adsense..
Google Adsense...Nuff Ads...
I Love both 2 of you..more than my girl....how could you...


  1. some advise for you: http://sayahappyslalu.blogspot.com/2010/01/make-money-with-nuffnang.html

  2. that means that u have to luv ur gurl more than u luv google adsense n nuff ads then the both of them will luv u (i guess~)..hui3~^^~

  3. eh..is it? LoLz..maybe that's true! hehehe..will try it later...