Feb 17, 2010

Facebook VS Friendster

It has been a year when I first met with my new friend, facebook.
And that also a year I last updated my friendster account.
I just remember that I have my friendster account and nearly I forget my own password! LOL

What the hell happen on me. I just remember my old friend name friendster.
Still not bad, but I still searching where's my "edit profile" button. Only now I find it.

Friendster, I really sorry I did'nt mean to hurt you, I did'nt mean to forget about you. I know last last year I have been not enough sleep just because of you reply-ing my comments. But now it's different.
Since I have my facebbok account, I have been in front of my computer whole the night on you, playing "FarmVille"

Say goodbye to my friendster.
See you next time friend.



  1. ohho..goodbye to frienster too.. :)
    hey2..blogwalking..hit me back kay. :)

  2. Poor friendster. I thing Facebook really did a great job o.

  3. yea.. u rite! just realize that i have friendster account! LoL. fb more better than fs and twitter!

  4. yerpp.. dulu2 people prefer friendster.. but now facebook is prevailing.. :D