Feb 28, 2010

Make Money Online With "3 Ways Money Maker"

Tonight will going to be the last night of February 2010. So how is your income through this 2 months? Sure many people will have enough income this month, whether through IM or of course working as a general worker right? Doesnt matter what is the way you choose to make your own income or your own extra income. As a newbie blogger like me, just 2 month blogging, I manage to earn some extra income through PPC ( Pay Per Click) Program. Maybe not many but for me it is just a beginning for me to be better and better in IM.

So now..
Do you want to learn how to make money with PPC besides Google Adsense? There are many people online that want to know how to do this, but not sure what ways will be effective or successful. It is very important that you take the time to learn all you can about making money online this way before you decide to use it. This article is going to tell you the 3 ways that you can use to make money using PPC. ( Pay Per Click)

One: Affiliate marketing: This is one very good way for anyone to make money with PPC. You can sign up for any affiliate program that you want and then use PPC to help you advertise your new business. It is always a good idea for you to learn how to use pay per click before you try it because if you don’t then you could end up losing more money than you make. Many people sell affiliate products with this method and are very successful with it every day. As an example, Clickbank Affiliate Program. (Most Trusted And Best Affiliate Program)

NOTE: As for me I really like to use "Adwords Service" to promote my affiliate product. And Earn money from only from "Adwords" depends on how many people click on it!!

Two: There are also many people that create their own products and then use PPC to help them make money with it. This is a very popular way to make money with PPC that more people are using each day. It is not hard to create your own products these days with the help of the internet. If you can’t do it, then hire someone else to do the work for you. Once you have your created product you can easily sell it using this method.

Three: Set up your own online store selling products. There are many products online that you can sell through dropshipping, wholesale or buying your own products you create. Set up your own online store with all of the products you sell and then use PPC to help you sell those products. Setting up this type of business will take some time, but it will be well worth it when you make money with PPC.

These are the best three ways to make money with PPC, but not all of the ways. You just need to do your research to figure out the best way for you to make money with this method. Once you know what you want to do, get everything set up and start making money using this method. Before you know it, you will have the successful business that you have always dreamed of.

NOTE: This is just 3 ways that I can share and really trusted by many bloggers. Do you want to learn how to make money with PPC? There are many people these days that want to learn how to do this. You just need a few ideas to help you figure out which way would be the best for you to use. Learn more about how you can use PPC to help you make money with your own business.

Goodbye guys.. see you again on my next entry about money.

Feb 27, 2010

USD 2,000 In 3 Years? Or 3 Months?

Today's entry is all about me, myself. I am 18 this year. And I willing to further my study soon. But in the other hand, I need to accomplish my imagination to build a castle in the air. LoL XD just kidding.
This year will be my starting year to bacome a fully teenager and student. There's no play games again LoL. What I am thinking now is all about money, money and more money since I am going to study far away from my parent's eyes and without my parents besides me cheer me up and give me money LoL. Bravo! I am going to move from this my parent house a.k.a (empty house) to meets my new friends outside.

But should a student like can earn 2k in just 3 years? or 3 months?
That is what I'm worried about since my IM partner challenge me who will going to win this contest. I know Before he start to challenge me everything is in my head that I will lose because I just start blogging last year, and start  earn money (A Bit) through my blog after I have seen my friend's blog and his IM.

But for me, blogging is my hobby and I'm not blogging just because of money. But sometime I'm happy when money come in my account just because I'm blogging wether it is not in a large amount through "Google Adsense", "Affiliate" and "e-book."

But finally when I think it back again, it's ok if i lose. Who will going to win will not important for me. Because money is not everything for me. 2k in 3 years in IM maybe I can show that I can do it but not in 3 months!

Anybody dare to give me your opinion? anybody offer me an IM better than what I have now?

Feb 26, 2010

An Offer From PTPL College For Last Year SPM 2009 Candidates.

Yesterday I have received an offer from PTPL College to further my study in PTPL College Sarawak. For one of these option program :
1. Diploma In Management
2. Diploma In Accounting
3. Diploma In Culinary Art
4. Diploma In Graphic Design
5. Diploma In Retail Management
6. Diploma In Business Computing
7. Diploma In Information And Technology
8. Diploma In Hospitality Management-Tourism
9. Diploma In Electrical & Electronic Engineering
10.Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology.

After finished my study in Diploma, they (PTPL) ensure me that I will going automatically selected into MSU (Management & Science University) to further my study in Degree.
I still blur wether I will going to accept this offer or not,or waiting for IPTA offer. And I am waiting for Polytechnic Application that will start tomorrow ( I think Lah) for Sarawak, in "Borneo Post". But  the Registeration for this offer (PTPL) is on 15-20 Mac 2010.
But for the one who interest in this offer, but did'nt get an offer from PTPL, you can apply online now.
Click The link below:

Feb 25, 2010

Kisah Paderi Dan Kunci Syurga (Bahasa. Melayu)

Alkisah seorang pemuda Arab yang baru saja menyelesaikan bangku kuliahnya di Amerika. Pemuda ini adalah salah seorang yang diberi nikmat oleh Allah berupa pendidikan agama Islam bahkan dia mampu mendalaminya. Selain belajar, dia juga seorang juru dakwah Islam. Ketika berada di Amerika, dia berkenalan dengan salah seorang Nasrani. Hubungan mereka semakin akrab, dengan harapan semoga Allah s.w.t. Memberinya hidayah masuk Islam.

Pada suatu Hari mereka berdua berjalan-jalan di sebuah perkampungan di Amerika Dan melintas dekat sebuah gereja yang terdapat di kampung tersebut. Temannya itu meminta agar dia turut masuk ke dalam gereja. Mula mula dia keberatan, namun karena desakan akhirnya pemuda itu pun memenuhi permintaannya lalu ikut masuk ke dalam gereja Dan duduk di salah satu bangku dengan hening, sebagaimana kebiasaan mereka...

Feb 24, 2010

Countdown To STPM Result Being Announce This Week.

KUALA LUMPUR: The 2009 Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) will be announced on Thursday.
The Malaysian Examinations Council (MEC), in a statement here yesterday, said candidates can obtain their results at their respective schools from noon that day, while private candidates would get their results by post.
Candidates can also check their results through the short messaging service (SMS) by typing STPM (space) followed by identity card number and sending to 36363, or by typing STPM result (space) followed by identity card number and sending to 15888.
They can also check their results by surfing the MEC website at http://www.mpm.edu.my from noon on Thursday.
A media conference on the analysis of the examination results will be held on the same day at 11.30am at the MEC office, Persiaran 1, Bandar Baru Selayang, Batu Caves in Selangor.
Last year, 52,348 candidates sat for the examination.
They comprised 47,260 or 90.28% government school candidates, 1,747 (3.34%) private school candidates and 3,241 (6.38%) private candidates. — Bernama

Source : thestar.com.my

Feb 22, 2010

Happy First Month Anniversary Mybloghour!

Bravo! I just start blogging last year, on December 2009.When I first interest in blogging and Internet Marketing. But Finally My first blog I need to close because of certain problem.
And I start with my new blog with the same address.
Just 1 month I start with new blog on the end of January 2010,
but I manage to handle everything and manage to run even "Google Adsense" on my "very very young" and "empty empty silly" blog!. 7 times trying to apply adsense but always being rejected by google. But now, the game play by google finally "Game over," Google Adsense. LoL.

Feb 21, 2010

SPM Result On 16-18 March of 2010

I'm waiting impatiently for my SPM result this year. Hope everything will be be OK. I'm 18 years old this year, and I have takken my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) Examination last year. I hope, with my result coming soon will take me into my new life of a teenager.

SPM result will coming out on 16-18 of March 2010.
Hope everybody take a note on it. Especially for the one who will going to get SPM result this year.
Gambateh! Jiayou!

Feb 19, 2010

SPM Results Out Second Week Of Next Month

KUALA LUMPUR: Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results will be released in the second week of next month.(March 2010)

“Students can obtain the results from their schools towards the end of the second week,” said Education director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom.

The results have been released around this time for the past few years.

A total of 442,936 students sat for the examination last year

Source: The Star

Urmmm...I'm waiting impatiently..for my SPM result..
5 years from now..I wish to get out from this place..go to far far away from here, build my new life, my new future.
Just pray for me to have a good result on my SPM result yeah?

Feb 18, 2010

Burn CD Without Using Nero

Hello guys! today's entry is about how to burn or create your own favourite playlist CD  just using your own PC without using Nero and other software.
Here is the some example for you to start creating your own CD just in a minutes! without wasting your time installing Nero or any others software.

Check this out!

Ok let us start now step by step:

1.  Create a new playlist folder
2.  Insert your Blank CD
3.  Copy all the playlist file  inside
4.  Sent to E  (CD Drive)
5.  Explore that CD Drive
6. (Pop up will appear asking you to write your CD name) click on that to write or explore your CD Drive
7. Choose the options (CD Audio player that can use in Cars or only in PC)
8. Finished!! The WMP will appear as you finished your work! and just follow the instructions.

As easy as 1234! just in a minutes to create your favourite CD playlist.
Ok guyz! that's all for today's entry. And wait for the another entry from me soon.
Have a nice day!!

Feb 17, 2010

Facebook VS Friendster

It has been a year when I first met with my new friend, facebook.
And that also a year I last updated my friendster account.
I just remember that I have my friendster account and nearly I forget my own password! LOL

What the hell happen on me. I just remember my old friend name friendster.
Still not bad, but I still searching where's my "edit profile" button. Only now I find it.

Friendster, I really sorry I did'nt mean to hurt you, I did'nt mean to forget about you. I know last last year I have been not enough sleep just because of you reply-ing my comments. But now it's different.
Since I have my facebbok account, I have been in front of my computer whole the night on you, playing "FarmVille"

Say goodbye to my friendster.
See you next time friend.

Feb 13, 2010

Self Computer Repair

I still remember when I was 13 when I am not addicted enough to the internet! Just because I'm too obsessed with Gaming whole day on my computer. I still remember when my computer was spoil just after I'm back from badminton training when I want to use it to do my businesses (Gaming)
I was really really sad during that night..
I have no money to repair it nor to repair it by myself.

I wait for 3 weeks to earn some money and from my saving that supposed to use to by my new handphone.
For the sake of my beloved computer, I willing to spend RM40-50 to repair my computer.

And until now..when I count it back, almost RM500 I have been use to repair my computer! including to format my harddisk, change my motherboard, RAM and other accessories on it.

Even RM 0.10 for me it is also money.
And from now onwards I realize that I want to learn how to repair my computer by my own style and modified it.

And to do that, I need to spend once to buy ebook (The Cheapest One) and work on it whole the night!
Even I do not know anything about it when I 1st read it! And only now I know what is mean by "RAM" "Format", "ntldr" "crack" "windir" ,"motherboard" "Graphic Card" and many more computer language that really annoying me.

There's now many ebook about this topic is now available on the internet!
But here is some from me to promote to you guys.
There's nothing free in this world right?
So why dont we buy once in our life for it?

I know that Malaysian always wanted to own everything for FREE! And that is why our Malaysian is really hard to be good learner and listener even for the IM program.
Some IM programme  (name not mention) is really hard to approve an application from our Malaysian.
And I was the one who being always rejected by these IM programme. And I still searching why?

But now.. I do not need to waste my money to that such thing anymore!
It is all in my hand!

Repair your computer just in a minutes!
No need to spend money to repair your computer again..
With DIY Computer Repair.

 "Why Need To Pay Too Much On Your PC When There's An Easy Way To Learn It? "

                                                           Click Here!

Feb 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ang Pao For Me...
"Happy Chinese New Year"

A Day before New Year.. I already got an advance "Ang Pao" for me..
What a Day!

Feb 11, 2010

Police Cars Collections

Feb 8, 2010

Let Us Learn PHP In just 17 Hours!

Searching For the website to get information about PHP?
What is PHP? is it a food? drink or an animal?

So now! you can start learn PHP just in 17 Hours!!
Here it is!

No need to find another website to learn it for free!
Free tutorial cannot ensure that you will master it all.

So what are you waiting for?
Just Click and you're first step to mastering PHP.

You Can Learn Interactive PHP!
This incredible book by Robert Plank takes you step by step, teaching you how to:

-Easily personalize your pages.
-Make easy .htaccess code for yourself.
-Code games, quizzes & other lead-building tools.
-Create an autoresponder.
-Mix JavaScript with PHP for a powerful combination.

Sound interesting?

                                                         Click Here!

In A Life of A Student Blogger.

 Today I'm going to go to "Bank Negara Malaysia"  BSN to get my UPU pin no to further my study.
Yeah, today I have to apply many things..since i am free and just waiting for my SPM result next month.
As a student, I have to choose, whether to further my study at overseas or not. Once it always play in my mind, but now I am cleared that, I need to stay here, not to go anywhere that far far away from here to study even in peninsular Malaysia. Because it is too early for me to go abroad, moreover I need more money too!

And since I have addicted to become a blogger, I really cannot far away from my computer now! haiz..since I have been introduce to blogging and IM world by my "otai" and mentor IM  like "Lebanon" and his Team Flare biz" through email and free ebook last year, I feel I have been addicted to blogging and IM world, even I'm not fulltime blogger and IM, only a small newbie blogger and IM. But I know, until one day, I will leave this land, and this IM, is just for me to gain experience, not to become a millionaire, seriously.

For the people who blogging, just because to become a millionaire, just forget it! Because if you blogging just want to get $$$$, just forget it.

Blogging, come through your interest. Once you interest in blogging and IM, and you really now how to blogging include tips and tricks, then you can go to become a reall blogger and big IM that can earn 10k in a month! not like me! but I'm not willing to be a millionaire...
Because I'm blogging because I love blogging.
Not because of money.

In my opinion..
If you blogging just because of money, I think you should  better stop it or it will take a hundred years for you to become a millionaire!

To become a millionaire, it needs blogging tips and tricks, to become a blogger, and need interest in blogging! that two things we must master it.

But blogging, is gonna be my hobby and part time job in future.

Back to the topic,
For the student out there which will taking SPM result this year, the application for IPTA has been launched and open now! please visit upu.mohe.gov.my to apply now.

And one more, the application for graduated SPM to Polytechnic is also has been launched and open now. Please visit politeknik.edu.my for more information.

And those who are new in blogging..new student blogger like me well done! keep it up!
Blogging is great!! And those who do not have blog or website, why not you try to have onefor free? Not to become a millionaire, but it is for a beginning for you..

Ok guys..that's all for today,

Ooops, one thing I forget,.. I need to update my BSN account! LoLz there's no money inside.
Since in form 3!

Need to transfer all in my BSN into MayBank2u later on and close this account today.
Goodbye BSN.. you no longer my friend..but you gonna be in my memories when I first have a bank account! You're the first! but the old school things.. need to change it to the new one. Am I right?
Somebody willing to donate me?? LoL XD just kidding..

Feb 7, 2010

Twitter Triumph - The New Way To Make Money With Twitter.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Make benefit from your social network such as Twitter and Facebook to earn money more!

Here it is.

Twitter Triumph, the new way to make money with twitter!
Let us together work on it!

We try, if we fail, we try and try again and over again!
Because internet make "Income Without Borders"

Check This Out!


                                         Twitter Triumph! Click Here!

Feb 6, 2010

Cafe World Secrets

Make money with Cafe World in Facebook??
Addicted to "Cafe World" app on facebook?
Here You Come!

Hello guys! I wanna share something for you!
It Is...

Secret Technique, Tips, And Tactics You Can You Can Use
To Become A Ultimate Cafe World Chef!

Get It Now!
A First Class Restaurant!
In Your First Week!

100% Guaranted!!

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Feb 5, 2010

MyPornBlocker..Protect your family..and your children!


This is not an adult content blog or website!

It is usually when children addicted to online games, social network such as facebook and myspace.
And honestly, I was one of them. But it it worsen when your children was addicted to an adult content website that easily can get in the internet! As easy as ABC!
For me, maybe it is usually but it is also a bad thing when there's no survey by parents or to prevent this from happen or become worsen!

But now, it is much easy as 123 too to control all this.
Here it is!
Now you can protect your family and your children from internet porn !
With MyPornBlocker, you can control all your children activities when online.

Click Here to see more information and subscribe now!


Feb 4, 2010

Contact Me

Way to contact me:

For those who interested to exchange link with this blog may do so:
Please submit your URL and your message for me for any other question about this blog or your suggestions on my blog. Your suggestion may help this blog to run well and become more interesting among others.

Feb 3, 2010

New Banner For My Blog..Exchange Banner With Me..

My new banner for my blog..

I Want To Give It to you guyz!! who want??
It worth just RM 5  !!
As Cheaper among the cheapest..

LoLz Just Kidding...
Actually It's mine..not yours..
    It from "Mybloghour Banner Service"      


Those who want to exchanged banner with me..just do so..

"And Happy Blogging"

Feb 2, 2010

Finally..My Nuffnang Run Well..Very Well..Thanks Nuffnang!!

Tonight.. I do not know..just after i report this to nuffnang helpdesk, it really looks great to me!
It works!!

A week without nuffnang ads.. i feel bad..very very bad..but now at least it appear once in my blog..for each day..

Thank You Nuffnang!
You really Great!!

My Name Is "Ameera Qaireen Sofea"

Name : Still Searching....
Age: 5 Days...
Religion: Muslim...
Country : United North Kalimantan Borneo

"Welcome Into The Lost World"
Your New World!!

Google Adsense...Nuff Ads...How Could You..

It has been 5 times i register and apply to run Google Adsense on my blog page but it also 5 time i failed!! Just because of  "Unsupported Content"
They unable to approve me...and I do not know why.

I do not know what's wrong with my content..
5 time trial and finally.. i give up..

Same goes to my Nuffnang ads!! why there's no more ads appear on my blog??
Guyz..lets take a look at my nuff ads.. there's no ads right? no campaign ads..
And i wonder why all thid happen??
Urghhhh....i need the answer...

My head now..full with question marks!!

Guyz..My Gengblogger... for the one who really know what problem and experience the same problem with me.. hope you will share it to me..how to fix it and why all this happen??

Google Adsense..Nuff ads..you make me not sleep..all the night thinking of you...but i really love my blog..love my Nuff ads, love Google Adsense..
Google Adsense...Nuff Ads...
I Love both 2 of you..more than my girl....how could you...