Jan 28, 2010

Malaysia Before..Today..And After...

If Israel..got Zionist..

How about Malaysia??


Oh.....No No No......
corruption seems to be increasingly in Malaysia ..

Since the first .. and now ..
not increase nor decrease .. ..

But raise ..
The latest .. sexual corruption in Malaysia.

Should the government revamped or remodel the existing to new one? or may be replaced with the new?
Not long ago, in the late 1970s, countries such as South Korea used to make Malaysia as a country for guide and for an example to build their country.
But now? why should happen instead?

Not to blame anyone or the government but to ask ourselves ..

Not only the corruption of certain people and political but we as a people of Malaysia are often faced with this situations, in our daily life..according to my experience as a student .. and readers.
Blogs reader..

As conclusion .. do not we pointing fingers towards anyone but see ourselves first.

This is our own false to choose a dirty leader with full of sweet promissess..and corruptions..

Back to our own religion..
Back to ISLAM..
Doesn't matter what race are you..how rich you are..how fair you are..how dark you are..

Even there's many different among us..but there's only one thing that unite us together..is Malaysia..

How lucky i am to be born as Malaysian..

Malaysia..got everything..food, culture, people, money..and many more...

I Love this country..but i will gonna leave this country..in my future..for my future..

"Oh .. My Malaysia"