Jan 30, 2010

Appreciate The Time Together B'Coz If Tomorrow Will Never Come.

Today..I'm really happy..
Because today..me and my best friends..went out together since I last saw them after finished our SPM ..

But today..maybe the last moment that we meet together..laughing together..because tomorrow..maybe never come again..

Having fun with you guys.. I feel really safe..as long as you be with me..smile with me.. laughing at me..

Friends, there's no other like you..
Since before..now ..and forever...
You will always be in my heart..my friends..

You still stand by me..
Stand by behind me..
Stand by beside me..
When I'm fall..
When I feel upset..
Even when I'm happy..
Even when I'm empty..
Even when I'm hungry..

That small class..got many meaning for me..
That small class..make me know how to survive..
That small class make me know what  friendship  is..
That small class..make me know how big the friendship is...
That small class also..let me know..what the love is..

But now..that small class remain in memories..

Even there's a bigger ship like a "Titanic" but believe me.. there's no other bigger ship than our "friendship"

"Missing you..and remembering those what we had enjoy together"

But we need to know the reality..life..is not easy as ABC..
And finally.. we need to take on our own road..

"Goodbye to you.. my trusted friends..
We have known each other sine we're 9 or 10
Together we 've climb the hills and trees..
Learned of love..and ABC..
Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees"

My Friends....