Jan 30, 2010

Appreciate The Time Together B'Coz If Tomorrow Will Never Come.

Today..I'm really happy..
Because today..me and my best friends..went out together since I last saw them after finished our SPM ..

But today..maybe the last moment that we meet together..laughing together..because tomorrow..maybe never come again..

Having fun with you guys.. I feel really safe..as long as you be with me..smile with me.. laughing at me..

Friends, there's no other like you..
Since before..now ..and forever...
You will always be in my heart..my friends..

You still stand by me..
Stand by behind me..
Stand by beside me..
When I'm fall..
When I feel upset..
Even when I'm happy..
Even when I'm empty..
Even when I'm hungry..

That small class..got many meaning for me..
That small class..make me know how to survive..
That small class make me know what  friendship  is..
That small class..make me know how big the friendship is...
That small class also..let me know..what the love is..

But now..that small class remain in memories..

Even there's a bigger ship like a "Titanic" but believe me.. there's no other bigger ship than our "friendship"

"Missing you..and remembering those what we had enjoy together"

But we need to know the reality..life..is not easy as ABC..
And finally.. we need to take on our own road..

"Goodbye to you.. my trusted friends..
We have known each other sine we're 9 or 10
Together we 've climb the hills and trees..
Learned of love..and ABC..
Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees"

My Friends....

Jan 29, 2010

My Name Is Mohammad Hafiz!

This blog is just a personal blog.
All content of this blog is based on what is on my mind. 

Founded : 18 December 2009.

-About The Blogger of This Blog Page-

Name : Mohammad Hafiz 
Age    : 18
DOB : 23 January 1992
Occupation : Student  Blogger
Race : Malaysian 
Religion :  회교 Muslim

Hometown : Kuching, Sarawak, United North Kalimantan Borneo (UNKB)
Nationality :  Malaysian

When "Allah" Divided Malaysia..

Word "Allah" currently issue is not settle yet??

This..might be become more worse and worsen..thus muddy the harmony, and peaceful situation in this unique and beloved country Malaysia..

But I think..
As Long As the result and the final say from the court and the government didnt get by the people of Malaysia..

If long period to solve the problem..then there's long period also..for the irresponsible people of Malaysia , to create more nor less the violence on our Holly Places in Malaysia.

"Stop Violence Against The Holly Places In Malaysia"

"How Could You......"

Welcome To The New World


28 January 2010 is a very happy and lucky day for me and my family because on that day,my BiG Boss sister, was finally safe to gave birth her 2nd cutie baby daughter.


Bravo!!! Now i am very happy..since my sister is here..not in abroad anymore...

Praise to be God..

Hey You..

"Welcome To The New World"

Jan 28, 2010

Malaysia Before..Today..And After...

If Israel..got Zionist..

How about Malaysia??


Oh.....No No No......
corruption seems to be increasingly in Malaysia ..

Since the first .. and now ..
not increase nor decrease .. ..

But raise ..
The latest .. sexual corruption in Malaysia.

Should the government revamped or remodel the existing to new one? or may be replaced with the new?
Not long ago, in the late 1970s, countries such as South Korea used to make Malaysia as a country for guide and for an example to build their country.
But now? why should happen instead?

Not to blame anyone or the government but to ask ourselves ..

Not only the corruption of certain people and political but we as a people of Malaysia are often faced with this situations, in our daily life..according to my experience as a student .. and readers.
Blogs reader..

As conclusion .. do not we pointing fingers towards anyone but see ourselves first.

This is our own false to choose a dirty leader with full of sweet promissess..and corruptions..

Back to our own religion..
Back to ISLAM..
Doesn't matter what race are you..how rich you are..how fair you are..how dark you are..

Even there's many different among us..but there's only one thing that unite us together..is Malaysia..

How lucky i am to be born as Malaysian..

Malaysia..got everything..food, culture, people, money..and many more...

I Love this country..but i will gonna leave this country..in my future..for my future..

"Oh .. My Malaysia"

Jan 27, 2010

"ALLAH" Make Malaysia Divide Into Two..

I really dissapointed when i just watch TV3 news today..when there's 3 pig's head was threw away into My Muslims Holly Places..in capital of Malaysia..

Sad..when people of Malaysia still thinking in same level as Indonesia...India...and other country which many
religious disputes occurs...

Always make the small thing..become larger and larger..to make something hot..make name take advantage for the personal needs for political..

Is it Malaysia is the same level with them?? sure not! but why the people did it? think it again and over again..Our Malaysian still in "World No 3" like Indonesia..but maybe Indonesia better and stronger than Malaysia...to protect the right of his origins..indigenous..and unity..does it??

So now..let us back to ISLAM..back to our own religious..in our country administration..

Do not let the small matter like stone..could destroy our beloved country named Malaysia..let us unite..as one..as One Malaysia..but not 1Malaysia..let us changed our way of thinking...

Please..realize it! we are maybe 5-10 years behind Singapore!! the way of our Malaysian thinking.. is really-really bad..not increase..nor less..
Changed our mind..changed our way of thinking...thus chaged our life...
think..before you do..something..
It's mybloghour..it's all about everything...

We are still in old standard level..

Untill now..this "ALLAH" issue always played on our Malaysians...that start by the "Herald Catholic Magazine" to get permission to used "ALLAH" in their magazines..
But why dont we just silent?? as long as the Permission is already

Let us give a time..to them..they maybe much know and better than us...does they pay for you when you destroy our "Church" ?? destroy our "Mosque" ?? how much? does it can survive you for more than a year?? rather than watching all our Malaysians and our country to suffer for about a thousand years just because of you?? and now what?? should you destroy my home next?? please..don't destroy my home...XD where should i gonna sleep if you destroy my home..my family..my happiness..

It's mybloghour..it's all about everything...

Malaysia..my home...
I Love Malaysia...
There's no like other...

But Only One..


My New Blog.. Just Begins....

Hey guys out there!! here I Am...

My new blog....just born....today...

Due to certain problem...i need to delete my old blog..and replaced by the new one...

So guys..i need your help to increase my traffic to my blog and share among us...

Some Say That...

"Sharing...is Caring..."
"Caring...is Loving..."

It's MyBloghour...

It's All About...

It's My Blog...It's All About Everything...

Today... i has been create a new mybloghour.blogspot.com. Since i have been a in so much problem in my last mybloghour.blogspot.com..

Today.. 27 Jan...is my new blog...just begins....


It's mybloghour...it's all about everything...

For the followers..of this blog..i really really sorry...

You are not display on my new blog...