Dec 30, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 Grand Final : Malaysia 1 - Indonesia 2

Malaysia has won the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 with aggregate 4-2 which make them to be the winner of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.
Malaysia for the second time after a long period of time suceed to be the chosen one for the final of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. And for the first time to win the AFF Suzuki
Cup 2010.

Malaysia with all young players under coach K.Rajagobal have done their job when they early manage to win the first final against Indonesia 3-0 here in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil. (1st Leg Final)  With the aggregate 3-0,  for the first final that has been held in Malaysia, Malaysia has a big chances  to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. Which it will make the year 2010 full with sweet memories for the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) if the national football players keep working on to win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

Goodbye 2010..Hello 2011!!

Goodbye 2010..Hello 2011!!

It seems like this blog loves to talk about the tips on how you can earn extra money through internet. But frankly speaking, I am not the one who knows all about how to make extra money from internet for you to pay for your school fee, broadband, top-up, and many more. What I want to share here is " it's better than never " the words that really make me feel touch... ouch!! 

"Please believe me lah bro..." even though I know I am not other pro-blogger like many peoples talk out there. But believe me lah bro.. newbie also still can make a buck just for making some stupid things with their laptop! Hmm..sound silly??

Maybe sound silly for those who didn't know what is meant by internet.
Hmm.. I am not going to talk about money here. Tired to think about it again and again. So now I am going to tell you that I want to start " Jual Barang" to get more money to pay for my many more...

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 : Thank You Indonesia

Indonesian Coach Afred Riedl Getting It Right!
After a long, dark spell, Indonesia’s national football team looks to be back on track.

In the past week, Merah Putih has put on a series of impressive performances in the AFF Suzuki Cup, winning Group A and advancing to the semifinals with three wins in three games.

There was a great deal of skepticism about the team’s chances before the tournament, and even after it trounced Malaysia 5-1 and put six goals past Laos, some people remained dubious.

But those doubters may have become believers after Indonesia came from behind on Tuesday night to beat three-time AFF Cup champion Thailand, 2-1.

It was Indonesia’s first victory over Thailand since a 2-1 win in the qualifying round of the 1984 Asian Cup.

Make Money Online : Advertlets Give Me RM 20 For Free

Heya.. all the bloggers and the readers..
How have you been? Still OK with all your businees? Blogging??
Ok enough, let we now move to the main point. The point that maybe will make you happy to hear it..or.. maybe not. what I always tell peoples that blogging is interesting, today I really happy to post about the first programme  I joined when I first become a part-time student blogger when I was 16. 

The Way To Make Money Online For Beginners

Blogging  has become a part of life of many peoples out there. Whether they are newbies or not, profesional or not, but some peoples have some reasons why they are blogging. But not many of us realize that blogging can help us to earn money online through internet.

And you are in the right place here, because I will going to talk about the first step for beginners or newbies like me to earn extra money from home, just in front of your laptop or PC, through your blog. It is just a simple tutorial from me that might be known by all pro-bloggers out there. But to be an expert, we first must start from "zero" because every pro-bloggers also start from nothing.

Making profit while you are blogging is something interesting that we should know. Once you have your laptop and internet connection, @ online, you are now in the place with no boarder at all to get some money from it.

In other words, once you have a blog, you are now in the world of how peoples or other pro-bloggers can make money from internet. And that was the first thing or the first step and the easiest step on how you can make money online through internet, without doing nothing but just updating your blog . Once you have blog, the second step is to register or join any advertising programmes  that can be trusted to help you to make your first USD1 through internet. Pay Per Click programme like Adsense  is the most favourite by many bloggers all around the globe.

Dec 1, 2010

Welcome To MDHAFiZ.NET !!

As I promise, I finally change again my domain name of this blog for the 4th times in my life as a part-time student blogger like me. Well, maybe this will be the last changes of my blog domain name. You know what it is too hard searching for my new domain because there's a zillion of person have a same name with me. Thus make me need to think carefully what will my new domain looks like.

And is finally already taken by me. Actually I want to get .com domain for this blog but it seems so hard to get it because there's many peoples already (tapao) all the nice .com domain name. So like it or not I still need to have a new domain for this blog as I promised. Alhamdulillah..I fulfill my promise.

Nov 26, 2010

CIDB, GreenCard, Maybank, And Me...

Finally, after a week attending a course organised by CIDB, today will be  my last day in CIDB. Sweet home Kuching, I really miss her because since my first holiday I never have time to go "jalan-jalan" outside, hanging with friends, and many more job that usually will done by all student when it comes to a semester break.

And next week I will start my next semester. Time gone so fast till I didn't notice that I am going older and older!

I am so excited to attend the course here. 2 days for theory, and another 2 days for pactical. 2 days working in site make my face become dark again! Hmm...and that week also I received my greencard from CIDB.

Nov 20, 2010

Blog Oh Blog...

As we already know, blogging becomes more popular and interesting from day to day. There's a zillion of blogs created in every single day. Blogging is not about how you can get money online but as for me, blogging is interesting.

The place where you can share your life to the world. Sometime after tired working here and there, study for the whole day, I will visit my own blog. And read what I have posted.  I have not much friends. And sometime I feel alone all the time. Because of that, I created this blog to share my life, my way, and the things that need to be shared among us. So this is my way, give all what is on my mind to the world.

Nov 18, 2010

"Make Money Online" - Ads Niaga, New Adsense From Malaysia!

Getting fed up and bored with Adsense? Check this out! AdsNiaga.Com, the new adsense alternative from Malaysia! Still using Adbrite? Bidvertiser?? Chitika?? And still waiting for your first cashout from them? While waiting why not you try this out?
I just found this website yesterday,  I think this programme is still new in Malaysia, curious about it thus I joined them yesterday.

Nov 8, 2010

Finally... It's Over!! "Motosikal Balik Kampung!! "

My Final Exam is finally over today. Alhamdulillah.. tomorrow I can go "balik kampung". Never thought that I will finished my first semester early than others. Actually I am not the one who can go back early and having holiday at home but there's another students early than that, that have been sleep and having their lunch time and holiday with their family at home because there's still many works to do here. Oh ya, tomorrow I need to attend the course and interview organized by CIDB. So there's no point to sleep early today and do stupid jobs as usually.So there's no Balik Kampung for tomorrow.

Nov 5, 2010

First Tagged From Mr Fit!!

This is my first answered tag from Mr Fit. But This is not my first tag from other bloggers that always and love to do this (play this game.) I don't know if it is interesting to do this. I hope this will make us to get more closer as a big family.
Ok guys, here is all the answered for him :

Nov 3, 2010

Make Money Online : I Get Back My Glitterati Status From Nuffnang!

It has been a long time ago when I fist sign up for nuffnang. I still remember Nuffnang is the 2nd PPC like programme that I joined just after I become a part-time blogger to earn extra money thgrough internet.
To be serious, I can't make more money through it. After a year joined them, I only manage to get RM47!!
Nuffnang is a PPC like programme which you can make profit by display their ads on your blog.

Last week I try to login to my Nuffnang account and I was really shocked that They already upgraded my status from Non-Glitterati Member to a Glitterati Member! And I do not know why all this happened.

Nov 2, 2010

About The Blog

This Blog is just a personal blog. Whatever display on this blog is written personally by myself. This blog is created to share information among us and the bloggers to share something that need to be shared.
This blog is the place to talk about personal, blogging,information, current issue, politic, education, and tutorial.

Any question about this blog and the blogger itself can asked here by clicking the Contact Me tab.

Have a nice day and enjoy yourself here. May God Bless you.

Contact Me

Any questions about the blogger and all about blogging? or your request? Well here you may ask everything about blogging, and many more related to blogging. We try to reply for all the questions as soon as possible. Just fill in the form below included your question in the messegae box, and the subject. Please complete your request by completely fill in the form below :

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About The Blogger

Hello guys, my name is Mohd Hafiz.
The one who loves blogging, making money through internet, coding, affiliate, and many more that related to the internet.
I started blogging in year 2009.

Well, I am not perfect and until now I still study about it.
I was born in Kuching on year 1992.
I live in the United North Kalimantan Borneo, Borneo Malaysia, the place that no
like other in the world.
Currently Study Diploma in Civil Engineering at Polytechnic Kuching Sarawak Malaysia.
A part-time student-blogger.

Thank you for visiting here. Have a nice day and enjoy your day here.

Oct 26, 2010

DiGi BroadBand : Always The Smarter Choice?

"Always The Smarter Choice"

Since I have received cheque from Adbrite Last Month, I think I would like to have my own broadband since here there's really not really nice wi-fi connection in Polytechnic. Everytime I want to use internet, I need to go to cafeteria, bring my laptop from 9-11pm. Internet has become a part of my daily life. I do study through internet, do my job through internet, and so many more.
After doing my survey, I have choose to have DiGi Broadband, Discover Plan, with quota 3GB, Because of it is Always The Smarter Choice, so I chose DiGi.

But there's only one thing that I want to talk here, I can't acess internet when I'm at home. There's no  coverage here in my house! OMG, I really didn't noticed about that. So now should I change it? If there's a suggestion? If there's other broadband that better than DiGi?  I only use it while in campus, and streamyx while in home. But so far, I'm quite satisfy with DiGi... :-)
"I have streamyx at home, but when I'm  not at home, I really need Internet!"

Oct 20, 2010

Google Adwords Free Advertising Voucher

Hello guys. Just 3 days ago when I'm going back to my home, I asked my dad, ii there's something for me? and he replied, yea, there's a voucher for you. I go and get that voucher. It is a voucher from Google Adwords! Wow.. Google always make me smile..and smile again..
I got RM150 Google Adword Free Advertising Voucher. Alhamdulillah.....

Actually I do not know what I'm going to promote through Adword. But when I think about it again and again, I suddenly remember one thing, I need to use that voucher even though I still not find yet a nice keywords and which product to promote through Adwords. Moreover Google give me time until the end of this month. If not, the value of the voucher will drops from RM150 to RM100.

For those who still blur about Adwords, Google Adwords is a Google's online advertising programme, that you can easily place your ads in front of potential customers at the exact moment they search on Google for your products and services. And for more information about it, just go here :  Google Adwords

You can promote whatever you want to promote through Google Adwords. 
Ok guys we stop here..and there is a word I want to say....
working with Google is interesting...

Oct 17, 2010

Ways To Make Money Online : Adsense Alternatives

Getting approved by Google for one adsense account is a big dream by all bloggers. But we already know that it is hard to get approved by Google. But now, don't get frustrated about it anymore, because once you're being rejected by them, there's 2 more ways to earn money online. And that is what we Adsense Alternatives.
There's many PPC like Adsense that you can choose nowadays. But be careful some of them might be a scam. Choose the one that you already know that the programme really works for you and well known by others. It is important to think before you choose.

As a part-time student blogger, I also need to earn a bit of money through internet or blog. I have to fight to have more time to study, and I also need a time to earn extra money from internet maybe for my annually income. And as for me, Adsense is not the only one way you can make money through internet. Here's the alternatives that already works for me and might help you espaecially for a beginner bloggers like me to get extra money online.

1. Adbrite

2. Bidvertiser

3. Chitika

 Good Luck!!

Oct 13, 2010

Menghitung Hari...Detik Demi Detik...

3 weeks more to go for me to finish my 1st semester...I count day by day..night by night and my final exam for this semester actually just around the corner. Bravo!! Thanks god for giving me strength to be in here. 
But do you know that I really hate to be here?I hate being forced by others, because I will and  never do the best for it. O God, should I sacrifice all these because of someone else?  This is not what I want. This is not my choice. But I also realise, I need to be success, I have to stand a bit more. 3 years is not so long, and not so far.

God, I believe, I am not alone.. and the angles will always be beside me. I will fulfil my promise,  I have to make them proud of me.
My almighty god..

If all these is a test from you, I will accepted it willingly.. 
I have to be success, I need to be success, and I will do my best. 
InsyaAllah..... :-)

Time gone so fast. My final exam will coming soon. And I will finish my 1st semester. I want to stay at home after this, even though there's only 2 weeks holiday after the final exam. Wish me luck yea..

Oct 10, 2010

Make Money Online : "Bidvertiser"

Hello wolrd..long time no see. I'm going to be lazy and lazy to update my blog and I still do not know why. First of all, I would like to (wth with my words and the title up there..) tell you guys I'm going to finish my 1st semester! Bravo!! Ok let us forget about that and move to the main topic.
Still remember about my recent post about I have get paid from Adbrite? If not, please browse yourself here. This entry is specially for the beginner bloggers like me which interested in making money through internet. 

We already know that Adsense is the most powerful and amazing money machine nowadays and I was the one of the fans using Adsense as my main annually income (not monthly income ah..please..). Bidvertiser is  one of the programme, PPC other than Adsense that can make money for you. Since the difficulties of applying for your Adsense why not you try this while waiting your Adsense account being approved by Google. I still remember at 1st I apply for Adsense. It is hard to get approved by Google for one Adsense account! I try 3-6 time, all rejected by Google. But at the last and the final attempt.. and two days after that  I finally manage to create my own Adsense (Money Machine) account and display the ads here. But now, I can create one new Adsense account for just about in hour to be approved... :-) 

After Adbrite paid me, I curious about the other PPC programme like Bidvertiser. Does it really works for me or not. Whether they really pay me like Adbrite or Adsense. Those who read this and ever get paid from Bidvertiser, please share your experience with Bidvertiser here. So guys have a good try...and have a nice day!

Sep 29, 2010

Make Money Online : My First Adbrite Cheque Arrived!!

My 1st Adbrite Cheque Arrived! It has been a long period waiting for her to arrived actually. Finally USD50 cheque from Adbrite make me happy all the time since I become a part time student blogger, and learning on how to make money online. At first I thought that Adbrite (Cheat me since I'm still new in this kind of business) did'nt pay me for that because I already waiting 3 months (if I not mistaken) for the cheque to arrive. And for the 1st time using Adbrite, (After Adsense) I really hate the system (actually I'm too lazy to know) when they will pay me and how to cashout my earning from Adbrite (Since I used Adsense as my main annually income through internet). After tired Adbrite-ing finally I tear off my Adbrite ads on my website. 

Didn't expect that last 3 days, I went back home from Polytechnic Kuching Sarawak, I noticed something that look interesting on the table. The logo make me feel curious thus I quickly go and get the white envelope. 
I was too excited  and shocked. It' s a cheque from Adbrite!! 
After a year blogging, and still learning about blogging and how to make money online, my 1st USD 50 is finally is on my hand. Then I realise, I need to be more serious if I want to get more that that. After this, I hope I will learn something new about blogging and internet marketing to get another USD100.

Here, I would like to thanks for those who teach me about make money online and all about blogging, and all my friends that willing to  visit my blog and leave comments for me. I would like to put back my Abdrite ads here soon! 

Sep 26, 2010

Japan Super Series 2010 Final : Chong Wei Beats Lin Dan

Badminton Japan Super Series 2010 Final: After a long journey...Datuk Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan in Japan 2010 Super Series.
I was lazy at first to watch and follow the game when there's Lin Dan and LCW in final. As usually... before the game start between them, I know who's going to win that game. But a miracle happened today, when LCW beats Lin Dan in final Japan Super Series 2010. It will  be a sweet dream for me tonight..Bravo!!  Congratulation LCW! At least you can show the world that you can beat him. But honestly, for me, he's still the great badminton player I ever seen. He's still the God Of Badminton for me.But I believe LCW can do more better than that. LCW still has to prepare more if he want to beat him for the next game.

Here's some news I got from The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: World number one Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeated archrival Lin Dan of China in the final of the Japan Super Series 2010 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan Sunday.
Chong Wei took an hour and 22 minutes before finally overcoming Lin Dan in 22-20, 16-21, 21-17

The championship offered total prize money of US$200,000.

Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia poses during an award ceremony after beating China's Lin Dan 2-1 in their final match to win the men's singles title at the Yonex Japan Open badminton tournament in Tokyo Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010.-AP

Meanwhile, Malaysia's top doubles pair Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong lost to Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng of China 21-18, 14-21, 12-21 in the men's doubles final.

Other Malaysians consisting of men's singles Muhammad Hafiz Hashim and men's doubles Mak Hee Chun/ Tan Wee Kiong had an early exit in the championship. - Bernama

Aug 20, 2010

MineBlogWebsite....Justin Bieber & Me..

Hello guys... It has been so long since I last updated my blog right? When I miss someone..when I feel empty..when I feel lonely..during this weekend.. I will remember someone..and I do n ot know why this time I suddenly remember about my blog, and thinking about her day and night...
" Baby..Baby..Baby... OoOooo...."

I never thought that I will going older and older than before.. when I see my old photo.. it look more handsome than me now.. oh no no no... :-)

Ok guys..sorry for disturbing your mood today to read my syok sendiri story telling for you.. just leave me here with my baby baby oOoOoo...

Oops.. I just remember that last night I sleep with Justin Bieber!! Yeah.. serious joking.. I saw him lying on my bed..beside me..without nothing lol..  only with his new blue crocodile'brand de spender....

Jun 18, 2010

Another Facebook Alternative, Jakwiran, A New Place To Meet

Nowadays, many people and bloggers busy talking about Facebook, Failbook, Millatfacebook, and many more book that make me crazy to try all of them!! So pity me. That is my natural habits since I was born in 1992. The one who really loves to try something new, and that is me.

So now I don't want to miss  to promote you guys about another amazing book. This is what we called Jakwiran.Com!! This  I just know a bit about it. This site was built by the Indonesian! Proud of Indonesian! If Mark Zuckerberg proud of his Facebook, you're wrong! we also can do like what he did. Still remember about Millatfacebook by Omer Zaheer and the gangs from Pakistan? If you think that Mark Zuckerberg is the one who can change the world, you're totally wrong, because I strongly believe that "one mind can change one world"  Change your mind, you will change your world.

Since I don't understand Indonesian language very well, so just click to figure out more about this book.

p/s : I also want to create my own book like facebook! Anyone can be my partner? HAHAHA

Jun 17, 2010

His Majesty Divorces Azrinaz Mazhar

World News Here! From Brunei Darussalam to the World. Here,
by command of His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam, the Chairman of the Council of Adat Istiadat, His Royal Highness Prince Haji Sufri Bolkiah yesterday announced that His Majesty has divorced Her Royal Highness Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim Mazhar.

The "special announcement" was made last night at 8pm nationwide through state broadcaster Radio Televisyen Brunei, in which the chairman's statement was read by Grand Chamberlain Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Penggawa Laila Bentara Istiadat Diraja Dalam Istana Pengiran Hj Alauddin Pengiran Paduka Tuan Pengiran Hj Abu Bakar.

The statement read: "His Majesty, for specific reasons (which were not disclosed), guided and ordained by Syara' laws pertaining matrimonial matters, as well as in conformance with an extract of verse 229 of Surah Al-Baqarah in the Holy Quran, (which states) marrying in the proper way (Ma'aruf) and also dissolution of marriage in the proper way (Ihsan), on Wednesday evening (June 16, 2010) has (pronounced) talaq satu (first category of divorce) to His Majesty's spouse, Her Royal Highness Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim Mazhar".

Effective yesterday, the terasul (royal title) as well as Brunei's Bintang Kebesaran (state decorations) and Pingat Kehormatan (medals of honour) that had been conferred on the former spouse were withdrawn.

Source : The Brunei Times

Jun 15, 2010

Mangga Ads, New Advertising Program To Earn Some Money

Hello guys. Did you ever heard about Mangga Ads? If not I will explain to you. Mangga Ads is a new advertising program In Malaysia. For me, whatever it stand for, Since It is still new with me, I curious to try. And I decided to join it. Here is what I have learn form Mangga Ads.

"ManggaOnline Ad Network is a Social Performance Advertising Network."

By default, we make payments when you reach a minimum balance of $50. You may also choose to change the limit in your dashboard if you wish – the lowest minimum is $25. There's no need to explain one by one here.
For more information, just "Click Here"

Now I have move from Advertlets to Mangga Ads. There's no more Advertlets on my blog now, since I think I no need ads by Advetlets for now. My Earning form last year untill now, still the same, not less nor increases. I wonder why? Can people here tell me why? So how about you?  Curious about it? Why don't you just try for fun?

Happy Blogging Everyone!!

Goodbye Advertlets...It's time for me to let you go for a while..will see you again next time..

Jun 13, 2010

Semakan PTPTN 2010 (Wang Pinjaman Pendahuluan WPP)

For all last 2009 SPM candidates, you can check whether you will receive "Wang Pinjaman Pendahuluan" WPP "here" to help you in order to further your study soon. Thanks god I'm the lucky one who will receive this amount of money RM1,500 from the government to further my study,

I was very suprised when I check mine yesterday. But I wonder how to get it? Which bank should I go for? And for those who know about PTPTN, please come here to share with me. And those who know how to apply online, you may share with me here. 

FYI, this blog will closed soon, (temporary) . I need to manage everything that need to be done before I'm going to stay in hostel and start my study next week. I need to catch up many things. This is my last week here before I will going to start study and stay in hostel.

Jun 11, 2010

Boycott Israel, Boycott "Kontera"

Ever heard about Kontera before? I already post about Kontera on my recent post before If I not mistaken. Not many of us know about Kontera. For those who curious about it, just "Click Here" to read my post about Kontera here. If  I not mistaken, there's a Kontera people who reply and explained about my problem with them. But unfortunately, I no need an explanation about it anymore. Kontera, which has offices in both US and Israel has been open their new office in Israel. These are the pictures I got from facebook before through their facebook fan page. For more detail, "Click Here" .

I have being a Kontera User last year. But Finally I have to choose to tear off my Kontera Ads from my website just after realise that Kontera doesn't help me a lot to earn some money through my website, since there's a lack of Ads to display by Kontera for me. What a shame.
I only manage to get $0.50 from Kontera.

Since there's Israeli people behind the scene, my decision to tear off my Kontera Ads on my website last month is a good choice.

But for those who still want to try, just "Click Here"

Jun 9, 2010

..." Ba Alif Ba Ya....

Recently I read the newspaper that make me laugh loudly non-stop 10 minutes until my parent ask me to stop laughing! Dad, how could you...he ask me why are laughing? I replied.. do I need to ask for permission to laugh?
Yeah..I'll stop laughing.. Just forget about it. 
I want to share something here. Look at the picture above. "BABI MENGANDUNG" doesn't it sound weird?? silly?? stupid?? When suddenly you find this at supermarket? It suppose to be "MENGANDUNGI BABI" Am I right? I wonder who are those people..those who cannot write properly.. When I saw this picture, it led me to remember one thing..
B to-the A to-the B to-the I = ???? Answer is....  

I have many Chinese cousins. But all they're muslim. So we can't eat pork. But one of my cousin ever taste (Accidentally)  how it feel. ( Eat Pork??? ) So from that day, he (We) stop be friendly with our non-muslim chinese. I mean, not to ignore them but to have less time with them, so that they don't cheat on us, and learn from us that WE CANNOT EAT PORK. 
I ask him.. does it taste good?? He replied... "c****" !! what question is that? Mockering me ??
I ask again.. so why did you eat it? He replied... they ask me to eat when we're in restaurant. I already told them that I don't want to eat that thing before. Oh Maybe they forget. 

WTF. They forget just after 2 minutes after you told them? Haiz.. whatever lah.. 
So the moral value now is... stop laughing ?? HAHAHA..
Serious Joking.. 

That is a story about me, and my family.. not to blame on other peoples, but just to remember that we must repect each others, no matter whether you're Muslim, Buddhist or Christian..
Guys, I'm proud to have many friends from all religions and race here. 
Skin colour, religions, hope  will never be a reason for us to be apart. There's no different between us, we're all the same.. 

Jun 6, 2010

Find Job In Malaysia..Need Job? Jawatan Kosong!! Anyone??

For those who still searching for new job 
In Malaysia.  

Can go for interview as soon as possible. 
Don't worry about the sallary, you will get paid every once after you finished your job. 
Those Interested can contact me or sms me
Phone No: 999 

Thank You. 

Jun 2, 2010

Link Exchange

May 31, 2010

Drama Arjuna On TV3

A  Malay Drama Arjuna 
Every Monday, 9.00pm. 
Only on TV3!! 

Synopsis :

KRU Studios published a series Malay Drama, Arjuna  that tells us the nature of mystical ocean controlled by the evil power called the "Gempita Merah"

Have been considered that a hero named Arjuna spelled it is capable to destroy (Gempita Merah) The battle between Arjuna and the "Gempita Merah" is the most wonderful thing ever witnessed.

Starring : Remy Ishak, Riz Ainuddin, Nora Danish, Ery Putra, Fikri Bakar, Ana Dahlia, Aman Graseka, Kuswadinata, and Komeng. The Drama Arjuna will be first broadcast on 31st May 2010 , every Monday, 9.00pm.

Release date :2010.
Country : Malaysia.
Language : Malay.
Disributed by : KRU Studios Sdn Bhd.

It has been so long since I last watched the last Malay Warriors, such as Hang Tuah and hang Jebat, Hang Li Po, and the gangs. The last Malay Worrior played his roled on The Last Movie of  The Malay Warrior named Hang Tuah in Puteri Gunung Ledang. 

Now I have a new chance to watch them again in this Drama. It's seems like a good improvement of the Malay Film in Malaysia. Like what the others country do on their film, this is a good action made by the Malaysian, for the Malaysian Film Industry. Support our local brand please... 
I think that these kind of movie such as Puteri Gunung Ledang should be produced more and more so that Malaysian Film Industry can compete to others, to be same level with them, or  maybe better than them!! 

p/s : The Storm Warriors (Malaysian Version) will release very soon!! Don't believe me? believe it!!! serious i'm joking!

May 29, 2010

The Power Of Facebook

 facebook!! facebook!! facebook!!

All we know that facebook is the most pupular and famous book around the globe now. Am I right? Everyone of us nowadays ( I Can Say That) should have a facebook account. Either you are an active facebooker or not. Now, I have 2 facebook account, and one facebook page of this website, and one for...and bla bla bla..
Everyday just after I woke up, the first thing I will do is..switch on my computer, and login  my facebook account and check  if there's a notification for me. But recently I'm not the one who active on facebook since I have to prepare to further my study soon. But sometime, I feel hate to use facebook. But I have to. There's the only way to connect me and my friends, If I run out of credits on my phone.

Actually there's many things can do on facebook...
Selling your products, or to promote your business, Clickbank, Affiliate, and bla bla bla.. (I assume that you know) and most interesting I have done on facebook : searching for your soulmate? shhhh... it's a secret between you and me.
The conclusion is, there's many things we can do on facebook. Promoting your business, by tag-ing all your friends on facebook on a photo of your business's related things. As what many IM all over the world do now. But be carefully, sometime people will hate  people who tag his/her photo with something sucks and no use at all.

Creating an account for your business is the effective way to improve your internet businesses. (Facebook Page) Or an another account of you, so that you can invite all your friends to join your page thus enable peoples to know a bit about it.
I am newbie. This blog I created just for fun, to share my life, and share something that need to be shared. I was accidentally to be a blogger. And I not much addicted to my blog actually, but I'm going to fall in love with my blog slowly..and slowly..because of you guys!! Who willing to leave your comments here. Thank you for your support and I will try to reply all your comments on this blog, and try to leave a comment to your website.

May 25, 2010

Mr Bean Would Like To Be MALAYSIAN!!

Hello Malaysia!! Did you proud of that? When someone from abroad would like to be MALAYSIAN? Damn you are if you never proud to be Malaysian. Even though I know that I would like to get out from Malaysia one day to further my study and gain more experience.

Ok just forget about my story, there's no need for you to know about my personal. Nobody want to read if I put all my story inside.
Now Mr Bean is a Malaysian? Oh my gosh!! If it's true..I am the first human will be very proud because I am the one of his loyal fan among the

He now live in "Sabah", Borneo Malaysia. Sad he's not in
Whatever it is, it is just a rumor gossip created my Malaysian just for fun.
FYI, since small, I used to be a good listener of his matter, and his movies, until now. For me, he's special among the specialness..
His acting make me feel free and enjoy all time laughing when watching his movie. He never make me sad.
Ok guys..sorry for the short entry..
Happy blogging everyone! Have a great day!

May 22, 2010

Oh.."Laoshi" Saya Tidak Bodoh...Terima Kasih Datuk...

Read this story until you get bored. Unbelieveable? Believe's really damn funny!! lets get laugh..ooops..sorry..not laugh meh? loud? oh ya.. HAHA...
Feel free to tag some of your friends in facebook?
Ok now straight to my point now is...I want to laugh more and more!!
Can? want to join the club? My new club on Facebook? " Kelab Ketawa 1Malaysia" !

Unbelieveable? believe it!! serious.. I'm lying......
Actually this is not the main idea to post on my blog for today..but..the idea suddenly comes when I remember, that I already brought my "New Pendrive 4GB" from " the shop shop that just in fornt of my house" and this thing I already save in my pendrive before..only now realise this.."the best damn funny thing.."
Guess how much 4GB Pendrive cost now? RM40? for me..RM40 is too much!! I just bought if for RM30.
(Still expensive for me, eh..laoban..give me for free can mah?

Ok that's enough..actually today I want to talk again about Kontera, my ex girlfriend..but I think I will talk about it later after this entry.. See you soon...

May 19, 2010

Say Goodbye To Kontera..

Did you guys ever heard about Kontera? If not let me explain to you. How about if I say that kontera is a kind of Japanese Food? Yeah..serious..I'm lying..

Ok now let straight to the point. Kontera is PPC program, just like Adsense, but it's a bit different, that enables you to be a publiser on "In-Text" ads in your website...and bla bla bla...
For more information..just read the whole story here at  Kontera  but wait until you finish read this whole my story about Kontera.

For those who want to try to earn some money through it..and lazy to read my full story because you want some money, just go here....

It has been quite long since I last joined Kontera. At frist, I am quite satisfied with my current earning through it. But at the end, I tear off my Kontera ads on my blog, since there're no ads from Kontera to display..At first, I just let it be..but untill one day..I get bored!! There's no ads from Kontera to display. I try my best to find more keywords but still cannot see ads appears on my blog. That was my first situation and experience using Kontera.

And the second is, the earning is too little compare to others. Maybe I am the one who said like that..and I am the only one who feel that Kontera is no longer my friend..And I do not much know how to use it anymore..
For me..Kontera is good..but finally I found better than her..that is "Adsense"
Goodbye Kontera..

p/s: In In-Text ads, I prefer " infolinks " than "kontera"

May 16, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010 Final : CHINA win 3-0 INDONESIA

As expected, China finally win their 8th Thomas Cup, right here in Malaysia, 2010.
Not much to say, here's the result for Proton BWF Thomas Cup 2010.

First Single:

1. Lin Dan VS Taufik Hidayat
    21-7, 21-14 

First Double :

2. Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng VS Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan
    25-23, 16-21, 21-12

Second Single:

3. Chen Jin VS Simon Santoso
    19-21, 21-17, 21-7

Well Done China!! See you again next 2 years!

May 14, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010 : Goodbye Malaysia!!

Say Goodbye to Thomas Cup 2010. After Malaysia lose 0-3 to China on semi-final. I am the one who very sad just after our No. 1, Lee Chong Wei can't beat Lin Dan, No. 2 in the world of Badminton. I can say that Lin Dan, No. 1 in the world of Badminton, and might be a "God of Badminton" Agree with me?

Actually I am too lazy to write this post since I frusted that Malaysia lose to China! So guys for those who did'nt watch live, sorry I can tell you details. I am lazy, because I frusted. I am very confident that Lin Dan can be defeated by Lee Chong Wei, but at the end, I turn off my TV just after he lose to Datuk Lin Dan!

Lin Dan win against Lee Chong Wei  
21-17, 21-8.

The second match, between Koo Kien Kiat/Tan Boon Heong also lose with  
Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng.
15-21, 10-21.

While the third match, Chen Jin, is too hard for Wong Chung Han to win.Chen Jin win against Chung Han,
21-16, 21-7.

So the Spirit of  92 has been buried  under the coral

Sorry Malaysia, Thomas Cup will not be yours..see you next time.. :'(

May 12, 2010

1 Month 2 Go..

Can we guess how many humans up there? 

If you can, just tell me the answer because until now I still cannot find the answer. Luckily I am not the one who live there. Thanks god. It has been twice since I last update my blog by the pictures of African.. Who did read my entry before they will know and noticed that. 

This picture I got from someone through my facebook. Maybe I am going to not update my blog after this, since I have to prepare for my study soon. Still got 1 month to go. I will stay in a hostel, and make some new friends. For those who read my entry before might know that I am going to persuade my study  "Diploma In Civil Engineering" in Polytechnic Kuching, Sarawak. For those who will going to study in same place with me just inform me ya?

Yesterday i receive a caled from them, inform me that there's a mistake with the date. The date when I am going to register myself. FYI, i am going to register by myself there, or maybe with my big bro, since my parent are not here. 

I need to prepare early because my parent will going to Penang next month, on the same date with my registeration date. So sad to here that. 
So many things to buy from now. I hope 3 years will gone so fast! I need to pack up so many what the picture above tell us. They are going to move soon, far far away from here..HAHA

p/s: once again I am very sorry because the picture above. I have no related picture to display. HAHA


May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Just a photo.. A day to remember.. happy Mother;s Day! 

This is the thing that my "Big Bro" just gave to my mom, this early evening when my mom and I go searching for my pants!! to bring to my hostel next month! Guess what it is? Want to know? Got a piece of "Cheese Cake" inside!! LoL. That was amazing! I like to eat cheese!! I said to myself, just this?? Urmmm.. yeah.. maybe it's better than never.

But at the end, I am the one who help my mom to finish it. yumm.. cheese cake for my mom.. finally.. almost all of them landed up in my stomach!! HAHA.

Whatever it is.. Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday in our life. Put your hands up if you not agree with me. A day to remember..a cheese cake for me..I want it too..for next year..for Children's Day!!

p/s: Sorry for the short entry.. I think.. if I write long also no use because our Malaysian lazy to read! HAHA. jk..jk.. Happy Mother's day everyone!!

May 8, 2010

Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan Ke Politeknik Jun 2010

Tahniah! Permohonan Anda Berjaya! First thing that make me happy this morning just after wake up from sleep. Finally I can get into IPTA. Bravo!! 
For those who are still do not know that today, May 8, 2010 the result will announce and just has been announced. Here's the link. just click Semakan Keputusan Permohonan Kemasukan Ke Politeknik Jun 2010 .
Hope I will here a nice smile from you. For those who failed this time. Do not worry, as what peoples tell me that, there's always second chance outside. Maybe this is not suit for you. But if you still want to go for IPTA, the chance is still available now. Just appeal for it. 

That's all the entry for today.Just want to share a whole world that, what peoples said to me is sometime true, there's no give up and there's still got second chance outside. So guys good luck in your life.

May 7, 2010

My Adsense PIN No Arrived!!

Finally my Adsense PIN No arrived this early morning, May 7, 2010. I woke up late this morning and did'nt realise that there's many latter in my latter box outside. Oh, there's a letter from Google Adsense Support. I opened it with smile and smile again.Just 2 months, in Adsense, I learned many things to make money online. For those who still do not know what is Adsense, you should ask google itself. Because from there you will have a good explanation.

Ok guys, what I want to share here is that, I really like how adsense works. I can get US$ 1.00 per click through AFC and not bad also through my AFD.And here I want to share it to you. You're lucky to find this site so I can share many more to you guys, on my next tutorial on how to earn money online.

Here's a tips, my secret, playing with keywords on my AFD! And that is the most popular keywords among the others. Target visitors also is important thing in order to make your first $1.00. I assume that all you know what I mean with AFD.And for those who want to try AFD, why not you try it? just buy some domain name or maybe you can do it using a free domain! It is easy as ABC!
Have a good try!! Say no to "Blackhat" technique, stay a pro!!

Try To Sleep With A Broken Heart?

Ever had a bad dream before? And ever try to sleep with a broken heart? Actually that what is happened to me now. I can't sleep well recently, thinking of my future. I keep thinking of who I am, and what will I be after this. I have failed to get into IPTA and still blur what to do.

And I am confuse too, why I am not selected to go for IPTA . Got someone who only got single or only 2A for SPM still can go for University, but I am NOT!! Why should be like this? I wonder how they work on it? choosing people to get into universities.

Whatever it is, I talk to myself that, it must be something wrong with "myself." Be cool, maybe this is not my time and I still got chances out there. It might be a test for me from god. For those who succeed to get into universities after this, well done! congratulations to you.

p/s: Sorry for the picture above. I do not have any other nice picture to display on this entry's title

FYI, that is my part time job in home. Since I have nothing to do now. So I like to take pictures around me, anywhere anytime.Would you like to be like me? Dare to take a picture of a crocodile like what I have done in the picture above? Unbelievable? Believe it..

May 3, 2010

Semakan Tawaran Ke Tingkatan Enam Bawah 2010

For those (last SPM 2009 candidates) you can check wether you're  selected to further your study in Form 6 online on .
For those who are not selected to further your study in IPTA can check and think again to further your study in Form 6.

I have check mine and thank God I have been chosen to further my study in Form 6 at the same school, after I have failed to get in IPTA. The registration is on May 10, 2010. And for those who have no choice where to study after this, these might be your last chance.

For those who are not selected to go form 6, do not be afraid, there still got many big chances out there. If you still want to go for form 6, but not selected you may appeal for that.

But I still searching for IPTS, and waiting for Polytechnic result that will be on May 8, 2010. If I am selected to go for Polytechnic, I will go for that. I hope I will selected to go further my study there in Polytechnic since that is my last chance to get into IPTA.
For me there's many privilege if I am going to study in IPTA. Wish me luck ya? Hope will see you guys there!

Who Said Orang Utan Cannot Cycling?

Walking Grass aka Rumput Berjalan

See..who said orang utan do not know how to use bicycle. Here's the proof. I never seen orang utan know how to cycling. Only now I realise that orang utan aka orang rumput also know how to use bicycle.

Didn't believe it? please believe it. Yeah..I just get this funny picture recently through my facebook. And I feel so funny when I 1st don't know what this picture all about.
Only after look at this picture twice then I know, it might be a human, not a orang utan as what I mention above lol.

I can't imagine if I were him. I think if I were him, just in a minute, I will drown! Drown in the air. Or maybe end up with an accident. I don't know where that guy want to sent that things.. it led me to think where it should be sent. For those who watch this, please don't try this at home..but in toilet you may lol!!

If you need help to clean up your your garden, or still searching for those who can work under you, please contact this guy. He will never let you down!

Apr 30, 2010

Don't Forget To Brush Brush Your Teeth Everyday.

Need help ? Busy searching for a dentist in  order to whiten your teeth or to brush your teeth? Busy searching a Whitening Teeth Software?? for you? Do not worry. I will find something new for you. Here it is. The best specialist among the specialist in the world. He will clean your teeth as clean as he could clean his own teeth using his own special machine!!

But I am afraid that your teeth will gone after this. I do not know if got this person in this world. Maybe world will end after this.

Dare to face and meet with him? I am pretty sure that you won't! Put your hands up if you dare to find him. But yes I do! I didn't dare to meet with him.

So guys don't forget to brush your teeth everyday yeah? Your health is most precious than your money. Got money, got happy, but if your health got problem? So how come you will be happy and happy again.

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Apr 29, 2010

Alternative Bicycle, Somewhere Else In Africa

Alternative bicycle, in somewhere else in Africa. I'm proud to live here. There's a big gap between us, while Malaysian's Child play at tha playground with happiness, and our teenagers happy doing their project, clubbing in the night and laugh, there's different in here somewhere else in Africa.

The children play only to hunt for the food, never go to school, not well educated, and never have a chance for study. While their teenagers busy hunt for the money, to live. There's no Education for them. Epidemic diseases , spread throughout their country. Proud to live in peace and harmony and wealth here. Whatever I want to get, usually I can get it easily as long as you get money.

I am not really sure that where is the place, but I am pretty sure that it was in somewhere else in Africa. And I hope someday, I will, and  I want to go to that place, somewhere in poor country in Africa. So Malaysians, don't you proud that? I am lucky to live here, and especially to be born as Sarawakian, the place that special for me, like no other in Malaysia.

Apr 28, 2010

Creative Malaysian

Malaysia move fowards since Mahathir stepped down? Maybe yes? Now what I want to talk here is only for the above picture. Really nice when there's Malaysian who really creative. Others than me-rempiting, there's other good activity that might interested by Malaysians teenagers like me is to men-cycling and men-drifting.

I do not know how they can convert their bicycle to Yamaha RX-Z. And after this maybe they can convert Perodua Kancil to Nissan Skyline? or maybe Ferrari? who knows right?

This is a good sign shown by teenagers of Malaysia. I am proud of that. But sometime, this was a shameful made by Malaysians. Think it back again.

My New URL For My Blog

Hello world, I have changed my blog url from to due to certain problems related to my blog to perform well, and this new name might be better than the old one. The old name one sound like a child's blog right? So now I have changed my blog url.

But what I very sad that I lost my traffic to my blog because recently I wont updated my blog because I am busy. Whatever it is, this blog just for my interested and hobby. The core bussiness that I think most important is to study more about Internet Marketer, Business, AFD , Forex, Affiliate and many more! I just create some park domain for my AFD and searching new good keywords to increase my earning through my AFD, to maintain USD2.00 per day. Happy blogging everyone!

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Please submit your URL and your message for me for any other question about this blog or your suggestions on my blog. Your suggestion may help this blog to run well and become more interesting among others.

Apr 27, 2010

Malaysia Say No To Sex Education In School

p/s: Boleh jahanam pelajar sekolah dan anak Malaysia jika ia dibiarkan. Sepatutnya kita ajarlah anak cucu kita dengan Pendidikan Agama yang sebetulnya, bukannya Pendidikan Seks. 
"Malaysia had made a good choice"

KUALA LUMPUR: Sex Education is unnecessary in Malaysian schools and will not be introduced as a specific subject, the Dewan Negara was told today.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Puad Zarkashi said at present, elements of sex education in schools are already incorporated in a subject known as social and reproductive health studies.The subject was introduced in secondary schools in 1989 and in primary schools in 1994."Social and reproductive health studies is taught under health education and encompasses curricula of a wide variety of subjects such as biology, science, additional science, moral studies and religious education," he said."As such, there is no need for a specific subject called sex education," he added.This decision appears to close the discussion on sex education in

Malaysia, an issue which has received support from some ministries and organisations.

The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry for instance held a seminar recently for students on social and reproductive health in anticipation of sex education being introduced as a formal subject.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil has expressed concern on the matter in light of a recent spate of abandoned babies. The National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) has also come on record to support the proposal for sex education in schools, although secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng voiced some reservations. She said teachers are not confident in teaching sex education as they have acknowledged the lack of formal training in the complexity and sensitivity of the subject.

In his reply to questions by Senators Doris Sophia Brodi, Datuk Daljit Singh Dalliwal, Datuk Zainun Mat and Dr M. Malasingam, Puad said social and reproductive health studies teachers have attended courses held by experienced trainers."These courses are designed to expose the teachers to the proper approach which should be adopted in teaching the subject."Our present syllabus also includes modules on the importance of making the right decisions where sex is concerned," he said.

Replying to Brodi's supplementary question, he said parents should also play their role in discussing sex education with their children and advising them accordingly.
"This will lessen the sensitivity factor related to sexual activities."Parents cannot leave the issue of sex for teachers to handle, they must also speak to their children about it.

Source: NST online